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Tsukihime Crack  Shiki and Arcueid have always been in a casual relationship. Because of their special nature and talent, they made strange bedrooms in search of the dead apostles (the undead) and the unclean food. In the previous volume, Shiki was able to find more connections with Roa than he initially imagined, and this continues in this volume to discuss with the hero Hero Ciel. Unfortunately, their contact with him only raises more Tsukihime CPY questions, and he needs to talk to Arcueid to get answers. The trivial situation, as Arcueid is more than unhappy with Shiki today – he stood by him more than once – is natural that the only way out is to go on a date with the two.

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This date is not necessarily a terrible thing and it is not a bad story setting. In many ways, it took such a moment to develop their relationship between the two. This means that the fifth volume is the smallest activity in the series so far, especially if the cover has an activity-oriented rendering of the two. I know, I know. “Never price a book …” Tsukihime PLAZA However, I think I was expecting something more for this volume than I actually got. It’s not bad, shape or form, but it’s not as good as the high standards I set for this series. And to be honest, by the end of the sixth and sixth volumes, I will definitely have an empty stomach to hit the stands.

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Tsukihime RELOADED certainly, nothing goes wrong with a work of art. Arceus is still as beautiful as ever, and Shiki seems to be an even better definition than ever before. For a video game-based book, Tsukihime stands out as one of the best readings I’ve ever read. There are definitely many different series in this story, which is great thanks to the numerous video game adaptations that are absolutely nowhere to be found and ask you why you are spending your money.


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